Why World War II Matters

You’ve never had World War two explained like this before in History class.  This is a H/T to lawngren for this video of Victor Davis Hanson giving a talk on World War 2- America’s entrance into it, Britain’s reasons for it, the axis, power and weaponry, and the consequences of it.  But he also talks about the end of it, and how things changed because of it.

Military power is important up to a point, but you have to have deterrence but not deference.

This is from 2016, but it’s still as applicable today as it was then.  We may have a more willing CiC to support our troops, but Washington is still full of Obama era leftovers and a new crop of socialists who would willingly bring us to Communism.  War takes wisdom,  and a lot of it. With the world’s powers shifting and so many rattling their sabers, I pray we have enough wisdom…

I know this is a bit different for us to post, but I found it a very interesting lecture. I hope y’all do too.

Have  a blessed and safe day all!

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