Saturday Porch Silly Stuff

Have we ever done any Bible trivia here? I don’t think so.  Not that there’s probably much that folks here don’t know already, but let’s do a little bit anyway and see how many you can get without having to look 🙂

What was the factor deciding what could be eaten out of any stream or the sea?

What was the useful metal Moses told the people could be dug from the hills in the promised land?

What city was considered the “head” of the northern kingdoms which were allied against Joshua?

What happened to Sampson’s first wife?

What signs did Samuel predict and receive from the Lord during Saul’s confirmation?

Who were the  chief priests under King David?

Did you know,

Second Samuel was intended to give the Hebrews facts and implications about David’s reign, focusing on the spiritual aspects of his kingship?

The Hebrew title for Chronicles is translated to “The Events of the Days” and is placed at the end of the volume?

Silly stuff:

Why did Abraham bargain with God?
He wanted to save a Lot.

Moses must have been an amazing accountant because he wrote the Book of Numbers.

Books not included in the Old Testament:

Day by Day, a Journal by Methuselah
East of Eden
Adam’s Baby Book
I’ll be Dagon: the Pagan’s Guide to Idols
Letters from Ham

Well, it’s an open porch kind of day!  I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful Saturday. Be sure and comes by to hang out when you can between chores, naps, reading, watching or whatever else you might have going on today 🙂

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