God’s Will, Your Purpose

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Born to be…” (not wild lol) but some people really do seem to know what they’re meant to be from the time they’re born.  Others gradually realize their interests, talents, gifts and the way they’re wired towards some kind of career or calling by the time they’re in high school.  Still others find it much later in life, sometimes after years of a career.  Whether they leave because they’re burned out and decide to go for their “passion” or they search for something different, or more fulfilling.

Whatever the case is, I needed a reminder late last week that while I might not know it yet, or understand, God does have a purpose for me.   I might not be where I want to be, but I need to trust that I am where He wants me to be, or where is best for me to be for the time being.  Maybe all the struggles are to work out something in His will, for my purpose.

It could be no matter our age, that God’s plans may already be in place and you might be doing what you were ‘born to do’, or maybe like me, you’re trying to understand where your purpose is, and waiting on God to move things in a direction we’re supposed to go.

It’s funny the way things work, that when I have something weighing on my mind, I hear something that speaks loud and while maybe not helping me find my way yet, reminds me that God is still at work, whether we see or feel Him working or not.

I found this video of Ravi late Saturday night before bed and listened to the first part of it, which really was a blessing I needed to hear.  I’m sorry that it kind of gets muddled in the middle, about 45 minutes through, whoever posted it, cut the sound, and then it goes into a different (yet similar) vein of thought.  Both parts are well worth listening to, and I hope you do, and I hope folks find some useful nuggets of wisdom whether you’re where you’re supposed to be or still searching.

There’s always going to be times in our lives that we wonder what is our purpose, or whether we’re doing what we’re really meant for.  It’s good to be reminded that God has laid out our steps, and that we only need to trust in His will… but more so, His timing.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Monday and week!

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