Tuesday Tunes

Hmmm, as I try and figure out a topic for tonight’s tunes, I am hearing a very unlady like rumbling from my stomach reminding me that I need to start making dinner soon.

Now, I’m not trying to meld Tuesday Tunes with Suffer’s What’s on the Taco… but then again, why not make this a food related music night lol.  It saves me from thinking of something more profound to say about music, and who doesn’t love food- and I happen to know that everyone here talks about food almost more than anything else. 🙂

So…. lets get the porch off to a rockin’ start shall we?!

This one makes me think of Bruce & Daisy lol….

I’ve been to the place where Cheeseburgers were plentiful in paradise.  A little over priced, but worth the trip there at least once.  Especially strolling the island afterwards and finding the “moss cathedral” out in the middle of the oak hammock.

So, what’s on the musical menu for tonight? I have no idea, I have to wait and see what y’all are in the mood for.

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes! Have fun y’all!

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