Saturday Stuff

Happy Saturday y’all.  I really don’t have much on the porch today, just some random stuff I’ve seen during the week and figured to post it for an open porch day.

First up is sooo sweet! If this doesn’t get you off to the right start, I don’t know what will. I saw this posted on facebook a few days ago….

You know I can’t pass up Ravi, and while this one is a few years old, it’s a great expository of apologetics and Ravi gives a reason not only for the hope he has in him, but why it’s so important we need to learn apologetics to give reasons for the hope we have in us too.

One of the missionaries who spoke at our church a few weeks ago made the statement that most of us know at least as much as those who’ve gone through theological schools, and even many pastors. It’s true, that we know more than we realize.  We can’t all be like Ravi and the team at RZIM, but learning from his wisdom and using what we know in the places we are is all it takes to make an apologist.

Something else to think about….
and, just because…

… I stayed up way too late searching for stuff,

Have a blessed and beautiful Saturday y’all.

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