The Imagination of our Creator

As hard as I’ve tried before, I just can’t wrap my mind around the idea that all the universe and our world came into being by chance, nor can I understand how people can believe in evolution- no matter how many billions of years they think there have been to evolve.  Adaptation, yes, but that everything evolved somehow just isn’t logical when one sees the myriads of plants, insects and animal species, especially considering the first chapters of God’s Word says that everything was created after ‘it’s kind’.

For example,  being born and raised in the great white north, there are a lot of plants and flowers that I miss, that just can’t grow down in the south, but living down here for more years now than I did up there, I’ve gotten used to many flowers and trees that I’d miss if I ever had to move north.

When I grew up, it was my Dad who was the ‘gardener’.   My Mom was great with indoor plants, and had plenty of them.  But Dad’s gardens and trees were a showcase of God’s beauty, especially in a big bed behind our pool that curved around into a peninsula which separated the front of the back yard into the ‘way back’ where Mom had a small veggie garden.  That bed was a sea of purple, pale yellow and blues from the bearded iris’ that he had. Oh man, I loved it when they were in bloom, and they have always been my absolute favorite flower- especially purple bearded ones.  I can’t have them down here, so it’s been decades since I’ve seen them.  I wish I had a picture.

Interspersed around the rest of the yard were crab apple trees, lilac bushes and ‘snowball’ bush out to the side of the house.  I loved the smell of lilacs, and the flowers when the crab apple trees were in bloom were to rival cherry blossoms.  And, I loved making crab apple jelly when I was a kid too.

Down at the swamp, was a different kind of wild beauty, as in a lot of Florida is.  My favorite flowers down here, hands down are Gardenias and orange blossoms.  When the housing boom busted and construction work was hard to come by, Michael got a job hauling during the orange harvest season- from October to late April.  In the spring is when you can smell the orange blossoms on the air from groves miles away.  Even here, I catch a faint wiff, and I still think of him when I do.  I figure Heaven is going to smell at least as good.

God certainly has an incredible imagination when it comes to flowers, trees and everything else, and it’s no wonder why I prefer to breath the scenery, fresh breeze and have the soil under my nails and working among the veggies and flowers…. some day I will again. 

But that leads me to the best part of His blessings at this apartment, which are the incredible sunsets we’ve seen in the past few years.  God isn’t only imaginative, His pallet is incredible.

Sunrises, the few I’ve seen here have been mist shrouded oaks painted a pale peach until the fog burns off, the clouds of any given day, I still can look and see pictures.  And thunderstorms… oh the power of those are incredible.

Suffer suggested the idea for this article, which is an open porch of sorts- everything plants and skies.  Whether trees, flowers and sunrises or sunsets, or even clouds- you decide. Include photos (preferably yours) or poetry or just stories or songs.

Oh, by the way, the feature photo?  It’s the center of one of the sunflowers I grew when American boy was about 8.  They were over a foot across, and stood over 8 feet high. The photo is a close up- everyone knows the seeds will come from the center of a sun flower, but until they grow, it’s like God put flowers inside the flower center, and I think it looks so amazing.

Have a blessed Monday, and take some time to take in all that God has made!

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