How Great is Our God

Thinking about yesterday’s open thread on flowers, plants, skies.. God’s imagination and creativity, I was looking for the song God of Wonders by Third Day to post with it.  During the search I fell into a rabbit hole and I found this interesting video I thought would make a good post for anyone who has time to watch.

From the farthest galaxy to the smallest seed, God’s hand prints are all over His creation.

Considering the enormity of things, makes me feel awfully small sometimes.  Picturing a grain of sand or speck of dust in the scheme of all things made me think of a video I had posted on here not too long after this porch was opened up.

Our God is an awesome God, and while I might feel like a speck of dust, not worth even considering, He does consider me- as He also considers all of you.  Not only is He big enough to breath the stars into being, but He knows our names and cares about our good days, but also our hurts, which He carries us though them always.

This isn’t too long, and I hope even if you’ve seen it before, you’ll watch it again for an amazing reminder of just Who He Is, and not only how much He loves to interact with His creation, but how He embeds His love and care into His creation.

If that didn’t blow your minds enough, maybe this one will. This is only a little over 8 minutes… be sure to watch to the end. This is incredible.

This is another open porch kind of day. Have a blessed Tuesday all!

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