Readin’ on the Porch

Well here’s a different topic for a Monday time on the porch.  Books.  As in favorites.  Favorite authors, genres, stories- long or short, series, and characters.

I know we have a porch full of avid readers, and not all of us know the kinds of books we like to read.

Back at the swamp, we used to read a lot.  Michael liked books on his mp3 player so as he did loader excavation work during the housing boom years, it’d give him something to listen to other than the machine.  And, when he started his orange hauling job, often times either while waiting to be loaded or unloaded, he had time to wait in his truck and would listen to books.  I used to download a lot for him, so he always had plenty to listen to- and sometimes I would download some to read on the computer.  My mind wanders too much if I just listen, and I can find myself absorbed in the story a lot better if I’m reading.

We also had family read times since American Boy was a baby.  We  read a lot of the classics- Moby Dick, Old Man and the Sea, Captain’s Courageous, Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island… and a lot of Dickens’ as well.  Some of the best were ‘local’ flavored fictional history such as  Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’  The Yearling and Cross Creek, and Patrick Smith’s A Land Remembered, which were old favorites of Michael’s and became favorites of mine.

As you can tell, we both had/have a sense for adventures, especially pioneering or old times.  We also love the outdoors, and often times reading some of those Florida classics out in a quiet spot on the property, one could almost imagine being there back in the early cracker days of driving cattle down through the central Florida swamp lands, before the land developers and dredges cleared the land.

Hmmm.. makes me think of a song…

We also liked westerns, which is funny because I never liked westerns when I was a kid.  I think Michael must have listened to every Louise L’Amour book ever written lol. But we also read/listened to the series which the movies Lonesome Dove were based on, by  Larry McMurtry (who is a flaming lib- but don’t let that scare you).  The books were excellent, and even the movies were great too, starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.

So, those are some of my favorites, but of course everyone knows my favorite outside the Bible is Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit.

Now tell us about yours.

Have a blessed Monday all!

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