This and That and the Human Heart

Scriptures say in Jeremiah, The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? (17:9 NIV)  

Sometimes we see such evil events and deeds and wonder how people can do such things to other people.  We can’t imagine such violence and we don’t understand it.  We can’t understand the things that drive us sometimes.  Have you ever been thinking about something, then all of a sudden a thought totally un like you, totally off the wall and to put it bluntly, sinful, that you’re like, whoa… where did that come from?!!

If we’re honest, we all have had those moments, and we’re totally unprepared for them. Those times remind us that the human mind (heart) can still have sinful desires or thoughts even if we’re Christians.  Unfortunately it’s not too far fetched to understand that thoughts can become actions if we ignore that sense of conscience that knowing of right and wrong, and actions can reap horrible consequences.  We see our society unraveling at an amazing pace, not just in our country, but the world just seems to have gone insane- but we’ve seen insane periods throughout history, so what we have is nothing new.

As Solomon said, there’s nothing new under the sun.  Solomon was the wisest man on earth, but he fell into those vile thoughts and actions too. We can call him foolish, which he was, but at the same time, the consequences for something he knew better than to do, didn’t only effect him, but the Israeli people- it caused the kingdom of Israel to be divided, which also caused the people to sin.

Who can understand it?

Jesus can and does, and Ravi tells about one of the reasons he believes in Jesus, because Jesus understands the human condition…

One of the greatest examples of a heart being changed is the story of Saul, who became Paul, one of the most exuberant author of nearly 1/3 of the New  Testament.  As I was touring a latest rabbit hole, I came upon this hour long documentary on the man who “became Christ’s greatest messenger”….

I hope everyone has a good and blessed Tuesday, and don’t forget to come back this evening for music!

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