Tuesday Tunes

At the time I sit here and look at a blank page this weekend, I am wondering if my car will be fixed and ready for another busy week coming up.  I do have Monday off, thankfully- either American Boy will be able to figure out the things that my boss showed him or I still may have to take it to the shop I’ve taken it before. Time will tell, but hopefully by the time we are rockin’ this porch, my beast will be right as rain.

No, we’re not going there lol. NO rain song… but I guess I have cars on my mind right now. Which also makes me think of CarFan and Bam, who also loves classic cars.

Dust off your classics, cars and tunes, and lets get this porch going.  Gonna slow it down for a minute though, I can’t let a car thread go by without

OK I got that out of my system.  Now Rock On!

On a strange side note, why is it that a song about a fast car is slow and a song about a slow ride is fast…..

Happy Tuesday y’all! I hope everyone’s had a blessed day, and have fun tonight!

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