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Some times blank pages can be a challenge, but other times it can be a spark for imagination.  I know most days are open here for any kind of conversation, topic, or song, but today is a blank open porch.  Whatever’s on your mind, or in your heart to share, let your imagination go and tell a tale or two, find some different songs and just find a few minutes during the day to come by, set for a few and say hello.

Telling tales….. reminds me of Walter the other day talkin’ about fishing.
This is the snook that got away.  Michael had him, but then he threw the lure dang it.
Yeah, this was me about 20 years ago at the pit where Michael and I used to work. This is no fish tale, that place had a lot of ponds and we all spent a lot of time off fishin’ in those ponds. There were some monster bass in some of the hard to get to places where we’d take Michael’s little boat into.  This one though was caught back behind the shop in the big pond. One of the guys, Charlie and a couple others had been there on a Saturday afternoon fishing for a few hours.  Charlie had been trying to catch this fella for quite a while. I came by with my new Zebco with my favorite worm, threw it out there and BOOM! Fish on. We got a huge laugh out of that, as it’d happened a couple more times after. Charlie wanted my pole and my worm lol.

OK enough goofy stories- it’s y’alls turns.

Sorry Suff, you don’t like country, but they really do need a girl’s version of this one…

The porch is wide open, and it’s always the best place to be!  Have a blessed day all!

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