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About a week or so ago, CDS brought up the Dead Sea Scrolls.  (I hope his move back to Manitoba is going well!)

As I was trying to think of something simple to post for today, I found this nugget of awesomeness from one of my favorite pastors that I had listened to every night back at the swamp, Pastor Greg Laurie.  You might recognize the name, his Harvest Crusades are broadcast live every year from California. Last year we streamed a bit of it here.

Anyway, I’ve always appreciated pastor Laurie for is candid testimony and his dedication to preaching truth, even on tough issues we face these days.

So back to the Dead Sea Scrolls, this doesn’t give a historical lesson on them, but this is a very cool (and short) video on Israel, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jesus.  It’s worth a watch…

Hopefully if y’all liked this one, you’ll like next Saturday’s too 🙂

Oh, and yes, we even found a porch in  in the hills of Tzfat, Israel for the feature photo 🙂

Have a blessed day all!

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