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Our Spotlight this week is on three guys that we know for the Revelation Song… but what most don’t realize as that these three guys are also senior Pastors and don’t do concerts on Saturday nights, because they’ll be home for church on Sunday.

In 1991, Randy Phillips tried several record companies with a solo album he had made. A Nashville-based company, StarSong, highly suggested he form a male vocal group. He decided to call two friends who had also recently made solo albums, who both also happened to be pastors.

“We’re pastors who sing,” Randy Phillips describes. “We never take our pastor’s hat off.”

Before long, the group Phillips, Craig and Dean launched into Christian music stardom. It can’t be easy pastoring and touring, but somehow the trio has found their stride and makes it work.

Phillips leads a church in Austin, Texas,  and he also helps with the church’s Heart at Home AIDS ministry.  In 1995, his song Crucified With Christ  was voted the leading “Inspirational Song of the Decade” by CCM Magazine.

Shawn Craig is the Lead Pastor of a Church in Missouri, where he is also involved in music ministry, worship leading and Bible teaching. Craig has had many of his songs recorded and has received multiple Dove awards, including the 1994 Song of the Year In Christ Alone.

Dean’s church is Carrollton, Texas.  He started out in music, “It was a gift my mother recognized in me and she wouldn’t let me lay it down (although I tried on many occasions). I eventually studied music in college and started writing and singing in a serious way.”

About his role as pastor he described in an interviewI didn’t start out as a lead pastor. In fact, I never had any plans to do so. I was the worship pastor for 16 years at the church where I am now the lead pastor. At various points during that period of time I would fill in for the lead pastor. During the end of the 90’s, he started experiencing health issues and I started doing more and more of the speaking and leading of the staff. It was a natural progression for me to fill in for him and in late 1999 the church membership elected me as their lead pastor. At times, I still find myself amazed to be in this position.

You can hear more about these guys here,

And here,

Now, I love the song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, by Danny Gokey. It was and still is a song that resonates with me, finding so much of my life changed so drastically and I still find myself in places where it’s hard to want to get back up and embrace this new life. This song helps me to do that.  I didn’t realize though until Daisy found this (among the other interview videos and article for this spotlight) that Danny didn’t write the song-  in this video, Randy Phillips describes the amazing story and lesson behind it…

These guys are talented, and passionate about God, and it’s understandable, hearing some of their songs over the years why they are still a favorite even after 20 some years among Christians.

Here’s one of my favorites,

I know this one is one of Daisy’s 🙂

I hope folks go listen (and share) some of their songs.  Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday y’all!

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