Tuesday Questions- No, not a Test

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As time progresses this month, I’m going to be finding myself a little more pressed for time and not being able to write as much.  Depending on how things go, by the end of the month, I might not get much chance to be online for a little while, so I’m going to be posting a few more simple threads like this one today.

Just some random question threads to get folks talking and getting to know each other a little bit more seems like a good idea, so lets get started by asking,

What are your favorite Old Testament books and why?

What are your favorite New Testament books and why?

If you could spend time with one of the prophets, who would it be and why?

I think that’s a good start, and hopefully folks will have some interesting conversations today 🙂

A beautiful reminder isn’t it.  Have a blessed and beautiful day all! Don’t forget to meet back here tonight for Tuesday Tunes!

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