Tuesday Tunes

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Sometimes there is too much change in life.  Other times we can find ourselves in the same ol’ same, but most times life changes so fast we don’t have time to be in ruts for long.

Some change is good, it can be a fresh thing, something different, or a new calling.  Other times it’s a necessary thing, but not necessarily a wanted thing.

Sometimes I like change, and I can handle it like a wanted challenge, but too often I find it out of necessity and it can get downright scary.   Been through too many over the past 4 years to want much more, but I’m finding myself facing changes again where I don’t know how they will end up.

Scary, yes.  But like yesterday’s post, I’m trusting that even if I’m unsure where we’ll be by the end of the month, God knows.

So,what’s all this got to do with Tuesday tunes?  It’s what’s on my mind and so are Changes, that’s what…

For me, it’s about seasons and times, changes and challenges.  But for our porch folks, it’s like any Tuesday night, and all about what y’all feel like posting!

Lets get the porch hoppin!  Have a fun time all!

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