Today we have a special Mother’s Day Spotlight. We all have moms and we all have stories or experiences to share about the special women in our lives.

Today is a day for sharing, or just saying thank you to those incredible women who’ve raised us, sacrificed for us, taught and nurtured us.  It’s also a day for those who have sacrificed in a different way- one of the most difficult ways, who have given those of us who’re adopted a chance to live, and a chance for a better life than they thought they could provide.

I love my Mom, who has done so much for me, from every run to the doctor from being an accident prone kid, to every time she rocked me and smoothed my hair away from my forehead so she could kiss it when I was afraid, who spent time with me pestering with every “when can we”, “are we there yet” and “but I wanna…”   Thank you Mom ♥

But I can never let a Mother’s Day go by without being grateful for the woman who gave me the life I’ve had.  Whether hard, or good, happy, sad, over joyed or full of grief and doubt, somewhere there is a lady who made that choice to carry me for 9 months and then had to give me up.  To her and all those who’ve made the hardest and bravest decision they’ve had to- Thank You for giving everything to us.

To all the moms on our porch, Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!


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