Nothing says serenity like a Monday morning lol.

As I looked at the photo we chose for today’s feature, I couldn’t help but think how if I were on top of that mountain right now, I would imagine all those puffy clouds as life’s problems.  To see problems from a higher perspective, they don’t look quite as ominous sometimes as they do from right in front of us.  The light is visible up there, it’s serene up there. And what does light and serenity remind me of, well, the Light of the world. The One Who gives peace not as the world gives, but inside, for our minds and souls.

All of the stuff from this latest journey I’m on has been weighing so much on me.  From when I tried about a year and a half ago to find out how much money I’d need for a mortgage loan, and the person probably would have laughed me out of their office (if they could have), to the decisions that I needed to make about not renewing the lease here, and every single thing, has been a weight.  Yes, I’ve given it daily to God to deal with, but like most of us, I tend to take it back some days, and God being a gentleman, lets me take it back.

But kind of like those clouds, my faith seems as if it’s higher than these problems of life.  Even when I have bad days of anxiety and fear, I know God is bigger and higher than anything this world can throw at us.  And that’s when I have to trust His Word is true when He says, do not fear.

My latest issues are nothing much more than what most people deal with and go through every day, and it’s nothing major to them.  And yet with so much in my mind and heart with the uncertainties and more responsibilities,  being thrown into places and roles I was never prepared for, it’s been a harder walk for me than most.

And then there are others who face uncertainties of different kinds, whether our friends when they’re gone to some foreign country facing people who hate us, or friends battling major, life changing health issues, the list goes on, and life is…. full of hard, trying and sometime discouraging things.

What can help us through these times is faith. Faith isn’t easy to have, especially for folks who are more logical problem solvers or analytical, and yet we all have a certain amount of faith in our every day lives, from the time we get up in the morning, we have faith our cars will work properly to take us to our jobs that we have faith that we will get our pay check at the end of the week for time put in.  From trusting pilots flying planes that we have faith are built solidly and well enough to get us to where we’re going, to buying that cup of coffee or meal that we trust in the person who prepared it.

Faith in God isn’t always easy, but the more trials and even just every day life I live, I’m finding that the harder things are, the more my faith is growing. Maybe because I have no choice in some matters but to trust in God, but also just because through every trial He keeps proving Himself in ways which shows His mercy, love, grace, goodness and His provisions.

I have been listening and re listening to a lot of  sermons lately, many of them I’ve found by Pastor Laurie to be just what I need to hear (sometimes again) and I’ve been finding a lot of comfort in the messages.  Maybe it’s his own troubled youth and heart breaking times in his life, but he really has a way of solid teaching that most folks can identify with.

I hope folks find this one as helpful as I have, as he reminds us that faith sometimes comes from the most unlikely sources, and that whether we have a lot, or a little, if we act on our faith and come to Him even if we’re afraid, He is waiting for us.  The power of persistent faith really does have a way of putting our problems below us to where we have the serenity and peace of being in the Light of Jesus.

I hope your day is full of goodness, peace and beauty, no matter the circumstances you’re facing today and this week.  I hope if you find yourself as anxious as I have, you’ll give those to the Lord and let Him keep them.

Have a blessed day all!

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