Tuesday Tunes

by Sufferfortribe

It’s a Theme Thing!

Hey hey, everyone. Was asked to give this a shot, so here goes. Tonight’s theme will be a focus on themes, from movies and tv shows. And I know y’all got your favorites, some current and some from waaaaaaay back.   🙂 😉

Heck, let’s even include songs that are in the movies and tv shows!

This idea “appeared” in my head while marathon watching Bosch on Amazon Prime Video. The theme song for the show is one of the coolest I’ve ever heard, so good that I didn’t fast forward past it all the time, like I tend to do. It’s called Can’t Let Go, by the strangely named Caught a Ghost.

For an old tv one, this one is seared into my psyche…..

Now, as for movies…..

This has always been a favorite, and the movie is fantastic. Well written and acted, with one of the best plot twists ever…

For an animated movie, The Lego Movie is where I’ll venture…..


There’s been so many that I have no idea where to begin. So instead, I will go with this, a video of jingles, from the movie Demolition Man.

Okay, now have fun and start posting! 😀

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