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Coffee with a Cop

The San Bernardino Police Department has a public outreach thing called Coffee with a Cop. These are opportunities for the public to meet with law enforcement, learn what’s happening in their city, and ask questions they may have.

I recently attended one of these meetings at my city’s main police station, my first one, to learn about the police department returning to the community policing style of law enforcement. San Bernardino has been broken down into 5 separate districts, which will each have their own lieutenant running that area.

This was the public’s first opportunity to meet those 5 lieutenants, so I wanted to get in on this in its early stages. San Bernardino used to use this style of policing back in the 90’s and 2000’s, I believe, and crime reportedly dropped because of its success. So of course the city stopped using it, and crime rose. Makes one wonder what goes through the minds of politicians. Yes, that could be a whole other article, but I ain’t going there.

Well, as for the city-wide public meeting, only around 30 people showed up. That’s pitiful. This in a city with slightly over 200,000 residents. Many complain about the gangs, crime, homeless, etc, but can’t even be bothered to show up for a meeting with their brave law enforcement personnel? At least those who did show up got involved in the question and answer session. I could tell pretty quickly that most of the attendees were regulars, by observing their interactions with the officers present.

Now, there were a couple of people there who seemed to be the complainer type. Of course, one sat in front of me, the other behind me. 😉

The one in front filmed the entire meeting while complaining about everything, even things that didn’t fall under police jurisdiction. I ended up just covering my ears and going lalalalala to block her out. The one behind almost sounded like a reporter of some type, because she was prepared and precise with her questions and comments, aggravating as they were. Thankfully she left early.

After the meeting, we had a chance to meet the lieutenant over the areas where we each reside. Seems like most of the attendees were from my area of the city, because we gravitated around 2 particular lieutenants, one for my area (Northwest) and the other over the area where my church is located. (Northeast)

They were very pleasant and easy to talk to, and you could tell that they want this work. It’s obvious that the city needs more cops to make a difference, and a few weeks later 6 more were sworn in. Yay!

Eventually, every district will be holding their own Coffee with a Cop meetings. These are usually held at a local restaurant. My area will meet at an excellent place to eat, called Farmer Boy’s. Good burgers and breakfasts. Don’t know how their coffee is, but that’s a moot point with me — I bring my own, of course. I love my LEOs, but I’ll pass on their joe. ☕️🤣☕

Now, let’s see a few stories I ran across recently. Hope you enjoy them.

1) This comes from down Heather’s way…..  prolific thief wanted to build his own cop car

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4) And lastly, try not shedding a tear. I failed…..

One more, which I didn’t find out about in time. Darn.

Well, that’s it for now. If you get the chance today, tell a cop thank you. Oh, and say a prayer for them.

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