Saturday Porch Time- it’s a latte fun!

I know people are going to think I’m crazy considering a few of the coffee connoisseurs  we have here, but I have never been a fan of coffee.  I do love coffee flavored stuff though- back in Canada we had coffee crisp chocolate bars (loved ’em, and if Mean Green could find them, I bet his young friend would love them too!)   and I like mocha with a hint of coffee, (more on the chocolate and whipped cream please!) and coffee ice cream.

Ever since I started working with my bosses though, they love coffee, and iced coffee, and frappes and lattes and all the other e’s there are lol.  One day they bought me a caramel frappe and man was that good!  But it made me hyper and they thought that was funny lol.

Anyway, sorry for rambling (no I haven’t had coffee as  I write this lol)…  I was looking around Facebook the other evening and they sometimes have really cool videos on how people make things. Usually food, but art and other cool things too.  I saw one on a latte artist from Greece and was amazed.  I thought it would be cool for today’s post, but then when I looked on you tube to see if it was on there, little did I know that there are latte artists from around the world (but I always have been a little slow finding things like these), and there are even competitions.

Have a watch…

Well, I never did find the original first one I saw, but still, some of these are really cool to watch, and almost makes me want to go get myself a latte…

Have a blessed and fun Saturday all! As usual this is an open porch, so whatever you feel like talking about, telling stories about, music you’ve got on your mind and just enjoy hanging out throughout the day!

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