A Quiet Time

Life is noisy, have you ever noticed?   It seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find quiet time- even if you’re in a quiet place, our minds tend to be racing.  At least mine does.

As I was surfing around, reading my mail and reading articles, I found a good nugget by RZIM about the importance of quiet times.

I know that this is something all of us know is important, and sometimes we are able to find a time that’s quiet where we can just sit and be still. But most times, no matter what your surroundings, things have a way of crowding in.

Here lately I’ve been crazy busy with work and sorting, packing, trying to get through this excruciating mortgage loan/ finding a home process, and figuring out somewhere to live that even when I’m not running around like a crazy duck, my brain sure is.   I don’t know about y’all, but I sure could use a green pasture or still waters to lie beside… or even just for my mind to slow down long enough to listen.

This article seemed to come at a time when I could really use the reminder, and hopefully I will find a way to put some of those hints into practice.

The article is called How to Practice the Spiritual Discipline of Silence….

Even if you’re already at a place where you can be quiet and still, it’s still an article worth reading.

To everything there is a season.  Right now for many, it feels like hurricane season, but hopefully for a lot of us, there will be plenty of quiet calm time soon.

Have a blessed and beautiful Monday all!

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