Saturday in the Park…

As I was trying to think of something to post today, I couldn’t help but think of some of the folks who’ve not been around lately.  Not just Snake and Bam, but others who’ve been such a presence here and I miss seeing them.  I hope things are going well for TX, CarFan, Dad (I hope you get your computer back and see you soon!), CDS (I still see you lurking 🙂 ) , and hope they will find time to come by and say hi when they can.

Today I have Snake and Bam on my mind. I miss them.  Mean, Snake & Bam have added such a special element to our porch, but it’s even more so that from them being my friends for so long, that they can be comfortable hanging out here at a different kind of site than what we’ve been used to.  I know I’m not the only one who’s glad to see them whenever they are here.

So, I guess today, I really had an urge to post Snake’s story (but he’s going to have to add a strong young club wielding dude named Bam!)

What I’d love to see some day is to have it illustrated by that Mean Green Ogre whom I think would really capture things the way a true artist does, to go with the way Snake captured this place   … this porch… this park…

The Snake and Mean Green Ogre Find a Home
By SnakeEater

This beautiful place exists.
Where stunning purple HEATHER grows. Where DAISY’S face the sun as it rises and sets. It is covered by a patch of LAWN that is so GREN it makes your mind feel at ease. There are TEXAS BULLFROGS on lily pads eating chili. Sweet DUCKIES waddling around making everyone smile.

No matter what has happened, no one there will ever SUFFER because the TRIBE is there for them. There is a cool kid in the parking lot in his CAR. A FAN of watching life in the happy park. SJMOM zings down the spiral slide with the kids. BRUCE the ice cream man serves of scoops of soft delicious wisdom. The guy that loves to teach the history of the park, WM, is leading a group down a nature path.

All the kids ask,”What’s your name? PUDDINTAIN. Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.

The park sentry, PFLICHTTREUE is “Devoted to her Duty” of keeping the park safe.
You often hear shrieks of WAHOO because life is so peaceful and happy.

Occasionally a SNAKE slithers into the park.
He isn’t a mean SNAKE, he just isn’t used to being in such a beautiful, peaceful park.
He forgets that there is a balance, a harmony in the park.
He might pick some purple HEATHER, a DAISY or two. He might walk on the LAWN. Try to catch a FROG or quack at the DUCK. He may drop that scoop of wisdom or go off the nature path.

He has been known to cut in line at the slide or set off a car alarm or two.
The SNAKE loves the perfect little park he slithered into. He’d like to stay there forever.

A MEAN GREEN ogre that lives under the bridge tells him to KEEP OUT because he can’t behave. He loves the ogre. The ogre is his best MEAN GREEN friend.

He knows he should heed the advice of the ogre but he doesn’t want to leave the park. He stays and defies the ogre. He is a little weary because the ogre has a big rifle and a perfect aim.He knows the ogre wouldn’t do that to a innocent little SNAKE. Would he?
The ogre understands. He loves the park too. He allows the SNAKE to stay if he agrees to behave. Not upset the BALANCE.

They all lived happily ever after and if you listen carefully you hear the echo of laughter.
Everyone shouting WAHOO!!!!!!

It’s Saturday on the Porch- at the park and it’s wide open.  Have a beautiful day all!

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