Memorial Spotlight

Today is a special spotlight to honor those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and it’s worth spending more than one day to think about, honor and give gratitude to those who have defended our country and others with their lives.

When I think of Memorial Day, I can’t help but also think of Remembrance Day growing up.

Even though they are observed at different times of the year, they are a reflection of so many whom we’ll never know throughout our’s, our parents’, grandparents and even great grandparents’ generations who fought, sacrificed and brought freedom to so many parts of the world- and have protected our own soil and way of life here.

So much has been given to spend this weekend doing trivial things like shopping for sales. I can’t imagine using a time of such reflection to have picnics, BBQ’s and parties- but while many do ‘celebrate’ this weekend as the first kickoff to the summer,  they’re able to do these things because of the sacrifices.

This weekend for many is a time of memorial, remembering and cherishing those memories of loved ones, brothers in arms, and friends who gave it all.  The least we can do is honor them by giving some time in thankfulness.

So, that’s what today’s spotlight is all about- through music of Remembrance.

Have a blessed Sunday, and God watch over our friends and troops wherever they are. Keep them safe. Thank you Lord.

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