What is Today?

A whispering breeze
Taps faintly heard through the rows
For Sleeping Heroes

What is today?  For too many, it’s nothing more than a day off of work or school, an extra day to sleep in, enjoy with friends and shopping.  For too many, they have no respect for this country or those who defend us and are ignorant of the priceless cost to keep us safe.

Today is a day which all kids from the age of 18 and younger should be taught our history, learn about the cost to become a Constitutional Republic, the nation torn apart to fight for all to be free, what made the Greatest Generation the greatest, and how that answer to the call was repeated by thousands after September 11, 2001.  They need to be taught that while politics is involved with war, our troops should not be politicized, and that it’s those who ‘serve’ in congressional offices make the decisions to send others to serve on the battlefields.

Today is a day when all people, from young to old need to think beyond their own lives for a minute and give thanks to those who paid the cost of freedom with theirs.

Today is a day when we need to cherish the memories of so many we’ve never met, because they are what has kept our nation safe.  Today is a day to give pause, a time of reflection, and a prayer for those who’ve lost a loved one, a son, daughter, friend, brother or sister.

Today is a day to thank God that such men and women have lived, so that we can live in freedom.

Today, is Memorial Day.

be safe and have a blessed day.

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