Tuesday Tunes… All Day!

by Sufferfortribe


Calm. Chill. Laid back. Mellow. Call it what you will, it’s something we all can use more of. Something this country, this world, could use more of. Duckie, with what she’s going through right now, could use more of. Wahoo and CarFan, with their recent life activity, could use more of.

If you’ve noticed recently from the musical selections I’ve been posting, I’m feeling a definite calm in my life. I think one reason is because I have decided to stop paying attention to all the hate and haters out there, all disagreeing with each other over the dumbest things. It started with my stepping away from politics, and eventually learning to lean on and trust in God in all things.

Whether kicking it out on my balcony on a pleasant sunny afternoon, or cleaning my apartment, I’ve been turning to certain music to “enhance” my calm. (movie reference there)

For some of us, it’s music that praises our Lord and Savior. For others, it’s country 🙁
Still others, jazz is that soothing sound that brings it on. Lately for me it’s been a return to music from my younger days, from the 70’s and more so 80’s. There’s just something about the music from those eras that can bring a calm over me. This from someone who is an admitted hard rock junkie.

Some of my favorites from back when are groups like Steely Dan, Chicago, Marshall Tucker Band, Three Dog Night, etc. There’s so many good ones to choose from. It was an incredible time for music, unlike nowadays, where most that comes out is just plain trash.

But recently Mean posted some music from this guy, and it struck a chord in me. Very relaxing.

This song has always had a calming effect on me. And yes, believe it or not, it’s country…..

One of the reasons I like older music is because the groups back then use multiple instruments. Keyboards, horns, percussion, and strings could add so much to a song…..

While doing some cleaning yesterday, I chose the greatest hits album for this group for my musical inspiration. There’s just way too many great songs on it, so I’ll pick one that’s been a favorite since the first time I heard it…..

Okay, one last choice, then I’ll leave it to you all to make some selections that make you feel the same as these do me.

Hope you all have a wonderfully glorious day. Welcome to Tuesday Tunes. 🎶

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