Blue Thursday Open


Glorious morning, all. I’m going to make this write up short and sweet. Sweet, because it’s all about dogs. Police dogs! K9’s! Woof!

Some of these are sad stories, but they go to show just how important dogs are in police work, and how attached their handlers/partners become to them…..and them to their human partner.

Just gonna put these here and let you comment on them. If you have any police stories you’d like to add, or pictures of doggies, please do.

Also, please say a prayer for all the law enforcement officers out there risking it all for us. Including the K9.

This first one has a federal element to it.

Poor guy, I hope he at least got some good strong bites in on this criminal.

This next one just breaks my heart. So sad. I can’t imagine how his fellow officers feel.

What an awesome partner. Good to see the officer recovering.

Awesome! What an amazing dog, being able to track the bad guy and find the weapon.

Can’t say this enough — good doggie! I bet them kids said it, too.

One more, which makes me wish my governor was like this. Mine wants to let the criminals out.

Okay, that’s it. May you all have a safe and blessed day!


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