Stormin’ Normandy

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Seventy five years ago, the stage already being set, saw the biggest wave of allied troops pouring out and into the French coastline and driving inland to liberate the nation and the European continent from evil.

June 6, 1944 was the day Operation ‘Overlord’ hit the coastal region with full force.  Allied landings on the Normandy beaches marked the start of a long, deadly and costly campaign which helped change the world.  Many towns scattered across the French and other European nations still have an immense amount of gratitude for the Americans, Canadians and other allied forces who won their freedom.

On this day, every year, it is such a thoughtful time to think, ‘what if’.  What if those coming by sea had never made it past the Belgian gates just under the surf, the mine embedded ramps, “hedge hogs”, sea walls and concertina wire? Or never could have breached those Nazi strongholds?
What if those incredibly courageous boys never got their planes over France, and those Airborne paratroopers not made their landings?  And what if the allies had never made it inland?

Thousands died trying, but  thank God for those who made it.  We all owe a huge debt to those who gave all on that day and those following.  The evil of Nazism, Fascism and imperialism’s tyranny could very well have prevailed and many of us may not have ever known what true freedoms are, or even existed.

On this 75th Anniversary of a day that turned the tide for the world, there are so precious few left who were there- both soldier and civilian. Those who were littlest children are now grand parents, those boys who fought through the strongholds are either too old or gone now, which makes this day even more important than ever before to remember.

It’s when it’s not taught, it’s forgotten, and once forgotten, too easily repeated.

These precious souls gave us freedoms unimaginable to so many who lived and were tortured, experimented on, suffered, and died in cattle cars and murdered extermination camps. It is something we must never ever take for granted.

Thank God, that such men lived, and that still such men and women live to carry the torch that’s been passed to them.

Remember, give thanks, and tell others.
This is what Freedom costs.


Have a blessed day all.

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