We’ve all heard about the eternal bliss which awaits us after we pass through the Pearly Gates. Maybe,like me, you may have read testimonies of people who tell of what they saw in Heaven through near death experiences. However, that is not what this post is about.

I think it goes without saying each one of us looks forward to meeting and hugging our Heavenly Father and Jesus. Though we may only want to do that forevermore I’d imagine our Father and Lord and Savior will have things for us to do and accomplish. However, our God is a good God who has promised to give us the “desires of our heart” so what are some of yours?

To get us started here’s a few of mine. Other than seeing loved ones who have gone on before me I’ve already asked the Lord if I could sit at His feet and listen to Him teach as Mary did in the Gospel. My list also includes dancing with King David before the Throne and spending time with some of the Apostles, such as Paul and John.

I’ll probably come up with more as time goes on but what I would like to know is about your own desires. So, if you haven’t already please do some Heavenly Dreamin’. I, for one, look forward to hearing all about it.

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