Tuesday Tunes with Suffer


Yes, that’s correct. Tonight’s music theme is……….animals. Hah, bet you thought that I was gonna say dogs. Nah, as much as I love them, I also love other animals. Especially birds, except when they leave their…….uh, never mind. Cats? I think you all know my stance on them. Arf!

There’s one creature that I don’t care for. Snakes. They scare me. But there is one Snake I truly have love for, and we miss seeing him here, and pray for his safe return home — soon!

Sheep are soft, fluffy animals, and seem to hold a majority when it comes to petting zoos. At least that’s how I remember it. But there’s one particular type of sheep, of which I’m glad I am not.

Now, I’ve only ridden a couple times in my life, back when I was young, and they aren’t fond memories.  Getting run into a tree, then almost going over the side of a mountain because my beast wanted a mid-ride snack, that stuff sticks in the mind forever. I loved going to Tennessee as a kid, and will never forget his name — Shorty. And no, there was nothing short about him. But at least he had a name.

Okay, one more, then I’ll turn it over to you, my fine and blessed friends. This one is especially for Heather. Woof!

Welcome to Tuesday Music. Time to play!




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