Spotlight on Dad

As I think about what to write for today, I can’t help but think about how hard of a day this is for many people.  Father’s Day has always been a special day, but for many who miss their Dads, whether by being separated through death, or miles, or even by choices unfathomable, it’s a hard day and makes us miss those special times even more.

I don’t mean to start the post off in a negative way, because it’s not intended to be. It’s more because of thinking about Dads, and how not all relationships with Dads are thought of in such a happy, celebratory way or we miss our Dads and it’s hard to celebrate that which we miss.

But it is important to recognize the day for our Dads, even if they aren’t with us anymore- a time of reflections on how much they taught, influenced, loved, and brought smiles into the hearts who miss their dads more on these days.

For those who are separated by miles, phone calls still bring smiles,but longing too, just to see the face of dad again.

For those who are estranged from their dads for different reasons, this may be hardest for you- because you have a dad in name, but no relationship with the man who is supposed to be there for you, and no matter the reason, it hurts that he’s not. And this day is just a reminder of that.

There’s no one who can take the place of dads in our lives. No matter how much I try to be one to American boy, I can never replace or do the job that was Michael’s.  No matter how many men have taken time to mentor him (and for all of them I am supremely grateful) they can’t provide the love and care that only his dad could provide.

But, as I try to remind him- there is One who can, and does.  One who loves him more than his earthly dad could.  For all of us, whether we have a wonderful relationship with our Dads, or if they are gone now, or have separated themselves from us, our Father, Abba, God loves us more than we can ever imagine.  He can take the mourning and turn it into a joy, He can take the pain of an earthly Dad’s turning away and embrace His child, giving encouragement, peace and love.  He can remind us that whether or not we have had a Dad, that we can still learn from the hurts, grief and absence, and that our Heavenly Father will never leave or forsake us.

Remember your earthly Dads and if yours is still a part of your life, call him and thank him for that. If you find yourself dreading this day, call your Heavenly Father, and ask Him to fill your day with Himself, and celebrate Father’s Day knowing how loved and special you are to Him.

To all dads here on the porch, Happy Blessed Father’s Day!

To everyone else, I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

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