Not Good Enough?

This came through my fb newsfeed posted by our friend Lawngren. The thoughts he shared, connected with the video really hit me at a time when I needed these words.  He’s given me permission to share his post below with a song he found posted here by Heather.

For those whom the world has branded “not good enough”, “inferior”, “worthless”, and for those who love them and are trying to help them keep on trying, keep on enduring – there is so much more than enduring, suffering embarrassment. Watch this video of a blind, autistic young man in a moment of triumph. Think about how you feel toward this young man after just watching a few minutes of his life. How the judges and audience react to him. That is the way that your Heavenly Father feels toward you. He sees your struggles. He knows what every day costs you. He feels your pain, really feels it Himself. He knows how exhausted you get. But if you place your faith in His Son Jesus to forgive your sins and save you for eternity, what you hear and see in this video you will one day experience. You will one day, in God’s Kingdom, be the one on the stage, and the Judge will be cheering you as these judges and audiences cheer this young man. Don’t give up hope! The Prince of Peace is waiting for you to step onto His stage – and He’s hoping you will choose to accept His invitation… will you?

This is an open thread.  Have a great Monday!

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