Saturday Stuff

Howdy and happy Saturday. This is an open porch all day, and I hope folks will drop in through out whatever you’ve got going on today and set for a while.  I’m probably going to take American boy to a place he’s been pestering me to take him for the past couple of months, so we can see stuff before we move.  But hopefully I’ll get a few chances to come by before this evening and see what others are up to.

I don’t have much, but scouring the rabbit holes of you tube, it seems American boy has found a few interesting places this past week while using my laptop lol. Now my account history shows everything he’s been watching, which is kind of a good thing to keep an eye on him, but he’s got interesting tastes.

Speaking of tastes, he’s a lot like the guys here and loves food.  He loves to watch a few different you tube channels (and has subscribed me to them lol) but one of them is really interesting and whenever this move happens (which I’m still waiting :/  all the stuff has gone to the underwriter now, but haven’t heard the final status yet- and closing is supposed to be next Friday, so please pray it will be finally final and all approved before then!)  I’d like to try some of the recipes this guy has on his channel.

He’s interesting and old fashioned… and this looks like an interesting one for our porch.

Seriously though, this guy’s site is pretty cool, and they have a website too that they sell different things (hand crafted) on. Expensive, but looks amazing.  Some of the recipes are pretty simple and could be cooked in modern kitchens, but it’s always interesting to see how things were prepared back in the 18th century.

So I have one other interesting thing, thinking about Car Fan and Bruce with their love of trains, this is another (assumed) find of American boy’s… and while it might look funny and intended as a joke a la Red Green (which it reminded me of), it’s actually really cool and inventive lol. And pretty countryside as a bonus….

Welcome to the porch!  I hope everyone has a blessed and great Saturday!

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