This week’s spotlight is another artist I’ve planned for quite a while to feature, but either forgot or got so busy with other spotlight topics, but figure it’s about time we shine the light on Phil Wickham.

He is one of the top sounds of Christian music these days, but he’s been around for quite a while.  I remember years before I was a born again believer, my ex brother in law used to talk about this amazing kid with a great voice, and if I had have listened to more Christian music back then, I’d have been a fan back then as I am now.

Phil Wickham was the second of three children of his parents who had both been members of a band from the Jesus Movement, called Parable. Phil obviously having inherited his parents’ gift of music began leading worship for his youth group at 13 years of age after feeling the need to make his faith his own. He graduated from Calvary Christian School in Vista, California, in 2002.

Encouraged by his parents Phil learned popular praise songs and began to write his own. He began his full-time music career by touring California and recording his first album in 2003 called Give You My World.   Following that, he signed a record deal and released his self-titled debut in 2006 featuring the songs, Divine Romance and  Grace.

Phil released Cannons in 2007 featuring the song Jesus Lord of Heaven; Heaven & Earth in 2009, featuring the songs Heaven & Earth and Safe; Response in 2011 with Heaven Fall Down and The Ascension in 2013, featuring This Is Amazing Grace.

In February 2016, Wickham released the first single, Your Love Awakens Me, from his album, Children of God, which was released later that year. Living Hope, was his seventh full-length studio project, released in August 2018. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart, his first album to do so.

Touted among others in the industry and also among Christian DJ’s I have to agree that Wickham’s voice really is one of the best in the music industry.

When one has as much a gift of vocals and writing skills it could be easy to think that you’ve reached the big time on your own, but of his career, Phil remarks,  “I can’t believe that this dude from San Diego who wrote songs in his bedroom when he was a teenager, now has songs that are being sung in churches!  It’s nothing I could have done myself. It’s God using something. You are not too young to find out and seek what God wants you to do with your life right now … your voice isn’t too small.”

One of my favorite songs happens to be one of his latest from last year, Till I Found You.  One cool thing about learning about some of these artists for our Spotlight is finding great stories behind the songs that we can share, and this one about the song is very cool…

OK gotta post the song now lol…

Well that’s it for this week, I hope folks have a beautiful Sunday and find some of your favorite Phil songs (or any artist) and shine your spotlight in the comments.

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