by Sufferfortribe

Alright, I believe we’ll dial it down a bit this week. This was my original idea when I first started putting these music threads together, and now that I’ve run out of ideas, let’s roll with it.

Tonight’s theme is acoustic music. Or what some may call unplugged. Either way is fine, the point being the softening of the regular recording.

I’m gonna start with one of my favorite songs, from an acoustic season that was simply incredible. While occasionally these guys let loose with a bad word, this song isn’t one where that happens. The combination of an incredible voice, an excellent guitarist, and some guy using an instrument setup that I have no idea the name of, make for one awesome song……

Next up, I’m going back in time for a classic, but the lineup is not the same. But still, it’s David Gilmour, and this version is very cool…..

I know you’ll love this one, as this artist is a favorite on HB. I really like how he has surrounded himself with a mini orchestra. Ooh, and the voice of the young lady singing backup is very soothing. A whole different way of hearing a great song…..

I’m just gonna throw this one here, because I love it. The song explains it all…..

And for my last entry, a band who I enjoy tremendously. So does my son, in fact, because they can really rock! And the messages in their songs are some of the strongest from a Christian group that I’ve ever heard. Their lyrics convey a hope in God that makes me smile. They write the lyrics based on Bible scriptures, and the messages jump right out at you.

For this song selection, I found an incredible acoustic version of a quite powerful message. Just don’t let their looks scare you away. These are some godly men, singing praise to their Creator…..

Okay, time to turn it over to y’all now. Have fun and enjoy the music.

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