RED Friday Roundup and Redux

Before posting our archival selection for today, I just wanted us to take a few minutes to remember those have sacrificed their all for freedom.  This past Tuesday we added two more fallen Heroes to those who have given the fullest measure.

Master Sgt. Micheal B. Riley, 32, and Sgt. James G. Johnston, 24, died due to injuries from a small arms fire during combat operations in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan Province.

From Military Times, “Riley, from Heilbronn, Germany, was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, Colorado. Johnston, from Trumansburg, New York, was assigned to the 79th Ordnance Battalion, 71st Ordnance Group at Fort Hood, Texas.  “Mike was an experienced Special Forces noncommissioned officer and the veteran of five previous deployments to Afghanistan,” Col. Lawrence G. Ferguson, the commander of the 10th Special Forces Group, said in a statement Thursday. “We will honor his service and sacrifice as we remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission.”

Riley awards include the Bronze Star and the Meritorious Service Medal. He first joined the Army in 2006.

Johnston enlisted in 2013, according to the release, and had received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Our hearts and prayers are with their families, friends and teams, and so incredibly indebted to their service and sacrifices.

Yesterday was National PTSD day, so it only makes sense to revisit an older article. We featured an amazing group which has done much for  our returning Warriors and their families.  I’m so glad to see that since we first told about Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation, they have grown and have outposts across the country, so they can help more- for a complete healing from the inside out with a Christ centered mission.

Mighty Oaks was started by Chad Robichaux, a Marine with eight deployments under his belt, and his life and marriage falling apart…


Jesus is the true healer of all hurts, inside and out, and a healer of relationships- and Chad and others have implemented the healing of our Lord in their programs.

To me, even with many programs out there now to help with PTSD, Mighty Oaks seems to be one of the absolute best out there for helping those with invisible wounds.

Please check out the Mighty Oaks from our previous story from June of last year.

To all our troops, we are so grateful, and will always keep you in our prayers.  To all our Veterans, we care, and pray for those who hurt, you can find others to help you through the struggles in ways that only others who’ve been there can!

We have one more article that Daisy passed onto me last night, it’s a good one and worth a read. If I wasn’t so old to join up, joining to do something like this to help our Warriors would be so worth it…

Mean Green, be safe- I miss you already. Snake, I pray you can come home real soon, same with Bam.  Y’alls spots are still waiting for you here on the porch. ♥

Have a safe and blessed day all, and if you haven’t yet, get your RED on!

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