Today’s spotlight, in the words of our featured artist, could shine on the imperfections of life.  Sometimes when we’re listening to music, no matter which genre it is, we can get an idea of a perfect life with perfect looks and money, and think they have it all together.  Even considering that most tabloids love to focus on those whose lives are a mess, it’s still easy to picture their lives and careers as reaching a perfect success.  I know I used to think that way when I was younger.

But it’s interesting that as I get older and notice my own imperfections about as often as I did when I was younger, I can accept them a lot more, and realize that everyone, no matter how “perfect” they may seem to be, there is always an imperfection somewhere. Maybe not so obvious, maybe not so big, but still something that for whatever reasons, remains not quite perfect.

Today’s spotlight artist Jason Gray developed his ‘imperfection’ early in his childhood…I think I’ll let him tell us his story in his own words,

How he became a believer isn’t all that unusual, and for me, listening to Jason telling his story, reminded me of just how much God pursues those who are searching for Him, even if they don’t realize they’re looking.

Some people could look at the speech impediment like Jason has, or as we learned a few weeks ago about Jamie Grace, something like Tourette’s Syndrome or even like an autistic & blind boy such as Kodi Lee whom we also highlighted a couple of weeks ago, that God doesn’t care, or that He’s cruel because people like these haven’t been healed of their disabilities.  Some people could understandably become bitter or just give in to the society’s dictate that one has to be perfect in order to be good, or special.

I love Jason’s attitude of how God has blessed him with this imperfection, and has given him the ability to use it for His glory and reaching/teaching others that God gives blessings and gifts even through disabilities- and there’s nothing that He can’t accomplish through them.

Jason began his full-time music ministry in 1999 as an independent artist. He released four independent records before signing a record deal with Centricity Music in 2006 and his first album, All the Lovely Losers under the label was released in 2007.

He’s collaborated with artists such as Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, and Andy Osenga (of Caedmon’s Call) and others and has toured with Jeremy Camp, Sanctus Real, Matthew West, Canadian band, downhere, Big Daddy Weave, and The Afters among others.

His release of Good to Be Alive in 2012, was named Album of the Year by critics and grabbed him three Top 5 radio singles which included Good to be Alive and Nothing Is Wasted.

Jason has also done much humanitarian work with World Vision’s “Hope Initiative”, which addresses the needs of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa and other third-world countries. He’s been to Africa in twice, and is known for his advocacy of AIDS orphans.
In 2010, Gray concluded the World Vision-sponsored tour “Make a Difference Tour 2010” with Third Day, Toby Mac, Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado.

No matter what his audience, or his mission, he helps people to remember who they are to the One who loves us,

In spite of any imperfection, Jason has been busy living fully and glorifying God through his music and charity work.  He reminds himself and others that God is magnified through our weaknesses and that sometimes it’s ok to just let it go…

I hope you guys enjoy this spotlight and this Saturday!  Find some other nuggets of Jason to share here, and have a blessed day all!


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