By Sufferfortribe 

Had to come up with some new ideas for this regular feature, and it just so happened as I started my cleaning and turned on my Prime Music that I acquired an answer….at least for this week. It’s gonna be a thread about females in music.

Let’s not limit ourselves to just solo artists, but also include groups comprised of females or headed up by them, or those where the ladies play an important part.

The album I chose to listen to while cleaning was Dreamboat Annie, by Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson were big time back in my youth, and I even had the opportunity to see them live. So many good songs came from this group, making it hard to pick just one, but I’ll go with…….

This group had many great songs, with a varied group of individuals creating some awesome music. I actually got to see them once on a New Year’s Eve, In Richfield, Ohio. Kenny Loggins was the opening act. Both were fantastic!

I’m choosing an early version of this song, but the voice is still incredible…..

Next, I will just put these two songs together here. Both absolute classics. Nothing more need be said, other than no, I didn’t get the opportunity to see either in concert…..


Now, I will add this one here, just for something different. And no, it’s not Cindy Lauper or Britney Spears or Joan Jett….although I was tempted to add a JJ song, since I did catch The Runaways in concert once. That was the all-female rock band that spawned several solo artists, including her.

Instead, I’ll roll with this group, who I actually liked….

Lastly, this group from Orange County, which is located next to where Heather resides, and I guess next to my county too, produced a young lady who has undergone an incredible transformation since those days. Last I knew she was either dating or married to a country music artist. Weird things happen, I guess. Those of you who know who she is now, but don’t know about her early days, might be shocked/amazed by the change.

Since it is a Ladies Night thread, this song fits perfectly…..

Alrighty then, time for me to get back to my cleaning…..which I actually haven’t started yet. Yes, I’m nothing if not a procrastinator.  😆 

Have fun!

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