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Glorious day, all. I usually just throw together a few things that I find online for these posts, but today I’m going to change it up and talk a little bit about my local police department……and the impossible task they are dealing with in this city. High crime, gangs, aggressive panhandlers, homelessness, murders, and what will be the main topic of this post — illegal fireworks.

The area where I reside is what is referred to this time of year as “north of the 210.” That’s one of the freeways running east and west through San Bernardino. It used to be the 30, or what was affectionately known as The Crosstown. One thing this freeway does is separate the mountainous areas from the more urban areas, which means the fire danger is more pronounced this way. This also means that ALL fireworks are illegal north of the 210, because of the mountains and the dangers of fireworks setting the hills on fire…..but this doesn’t stop those with no sense from putting on their own displays every year. 😖
You all know by now that I regularly attend the Coffee with a Cop meetings. This past Monday was the monthly city-wide gathering at the police station downtown, and when they opened it up for citizen comments, the first thing brought up was, of course, the fireworks issue. Not just in my part of town, but it turns out other areas are having problems, too. While ALL fireworks are illegal above the 210, safe and sane labeled fireworks are legal city-wide. Those are the what can be termed “the boring ones.” Anything that goes airborne or hops along the ground is illegal. In fact, I believe the airborne variety are illegal statewide. Only those licensed to put on displays can have them.
At least the police departments have caught some of those importing and selling the illegal kind.
Now, a lot of people living here don’t care what the law says about fireworks. They’re gonna set ‘em off anyways. Even with the history of fires started by the illegal kind, and the injuries that have occurred to hands and faces, etc, it still continues. Injuries can occur with both legal and illegal types.
So, after hearing enough of the citizens complain about the fire risks, the dogs freaking out and hiding or running off, and veterans being affected because of their PTSD, the police decided to put together an enforcement team to focus on the north end.
As I write this, Day 6 of the effort has begun. Back on Day 1, I was relaxing on the sofa, getting ready to call it a night, when out my window I saw the fireworks once again beginning. Always seems to be the same area doing it, so I called PD, and left my phone on speaker. The watch commander actually heard the explosions. He informed me that he had 3 cars in the area, so I gave him a general idea of the location of said fireworks. Within minutes they had stopped. Now, I don’t know if they caught them or if just the presence of law enforcement caused it, but I’ll take it. 👍
Last night, Day 5, and once again they begin. This time they seem closer, in a different neighborhood. I call again, and within minutes they stop. I even received a call back from one of the officers in a car in the area. They wanted to double check the information, was all. I told them thank you, and great job!
It was nice and peaceful again……until later. Then someone even closer to my complex, it sounded like right across the street, started setting off what we affectionately call “the boomers.” Grrrrrr! 🤬
I ended up being kept awake late, and am paying for it this morning.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fireworks show. But what these people are doing is illegal and dangerous, and one can only hope and pray that nobody gets hurt, and that no fires are started by them. There’s way too many bad memories of fires that have happened in these mountains.
Please, have a safe and wonderful Independence Day, and enjoy whatever fireworks show you attend!

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