Well, its Tuesday and I have a full day of work ahead of me.  Mostly yard work with a little laundry mixed in for fun and if B’s lucky I might even make dinner tonight 😏.  Lucky me, I’ve had B working with me for the past week, more stuff gets done and everything is just more fun with him around!    We’re building at least two retaining walls that are in various stages of being done, digging trenches and burying pipe for drainage with one left to go, cutting and hauling wood, moving and placing rocks (for more retaining walls and other decorative things). Then there are always various repairs along with the trimming and mowing. With the heat and humidity this past couple of weeks,  B has caught me doing similar to cool off……

I’m with you moose, it feels so good on a hot day even if the ground is already soaked from all the rain we’ve had.

And it always feels good to catch a summer breeze and just relax and take it in for a bit.

I hope your Tuesday is blessed with work, summer breezes and plenty of rest.  😊



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