Saturday at the Park

Its Saturday at the park, what are you doing today?  I’m hoping it will be dry enough to get the mower to the bottom so I can mow and if we can dodge the scattered showers expected this afternoon, I’d like to go to one of our parks and play a round of mini golf with B.  I’m sure he’d rather play a real round of golf but I’m hopelessly confused by everything about the sport.  Several people have tried to teach me how to swing that stupid club but my swing is anything but smooth and graceful like I see others doing.  First and last time B. took me golfing I left crying tears of frustration, I guess he has a low tolerance for spoiled sports, go figure  😏.  I play a mean game of mini golf though 😊.

This is an open thread, talk about what you want to talk about and maybe tell us the best thing and worst thing about your week if you’d like.  Best thing for me was finishing up moving a small hill to make a flat spot in front of the woodshed for B to split wood this fall and worst thing was the disappointment of our Duckie not getting internet on the day the guys came out to install it.   Hopefully it won’t be much longer though!  Whatever your day holds I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday friends.

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