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I wrote recently that one of our major budget problems is that we are attempting to be a global police force on a national budget. Here’s an April 25th (2019) Gatestone article, “The Difficult Road to Defense”,  which supports that. It is long, starting at the beginning of US / Russian relations concerning Mutual Assured Destruction, Anti Ballistic Missile treaties, and Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. In roughly the last fourth of this long article, the author roughly summarizes the costs past and present of missile defense, and mentions why and where we will / might / should EXPAND DRASTICALLY the cost and coverage if we want to survive:

Taken as a whole, missile defense today not only defends America’s homeland, but protects U.S. allies, assets and military forces abroad… As for the cost: Since 1983, the U.S. has spent $200 billion on missile defense. This pales in comparison to the cost of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, which has been estimated at $3.3 trillion.”

Pence says Trump proposes $750 billion defense budget, up $50 billion over 2018 defense spending:

But this is a campaign tactic, so who knows whether there will be serious push to get it through Congress? “Prior to President Donald Trump’s [campaign] rally in Greenville, Vice President Mike Pence visited Fort Bragg to speak in front of military members and their families.”

Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative is credited with financially breaking the Soviet Union. Are China and Russia, with the aid of ME proxies, now breaking the US financially in the same way? Forcing or luring us to respond to every multiple Mideast wars and at the same time protect ourselves on all fronts from dangers real and imagined?

Remember in the series on Israeli wars how often Russian aid, military equipment, and manipulation were mentioned? Is Russia now manipulating various Mideastern nations to sucker a gullible US into spending our treasure and exhausting our military’s stamina before Russia engages America?

Is Kim Jong-Un acting only on his own, or is he too being manipulated? Or is he a madman in the right place and time to suit China’s ambitions, to add to the apparent burden of military preparedness so we have less to face the Chinese Communists with?

China doesn’t want the US to arm Taiwan, even thought the amount of arms are minuscule on a national level. Even though the US had already agreed to drastically reduce the amount of war materials we had been planning to send Taiwan:

There is no possible way, in my opinion, to mistake China’s global lust for benevolent intent. You really should read at least the quotes from China’s official Arctic Policy in this Gatestone article. They’re so utterly ridiculous it defies the imagination. The words seem to come right out of George Orwell’s doublespeak.


A Founding Father, Adams was blessed with incredible insight on how best to protect, nurture and advance our fledgling democracy for generations to come. Only by studying historical conflicts, could we spot possible strategic risks, avoid potential hazards and identify even the threats within our own borders.”

Yet, as noted in this article, even World War Two is not given enough coverage to have any meaning. The suppression of our history and world history leaves students dangerously ignorant and therefore vulnerable to lies from evil people: “A recent survey revealed that 22% of millennials had never heard of the Holocaust.”

How much longer before Ike’s famous warning happens, in spite of having it all on film? When descriptions of the Nazi concentration camps got back to President Eisenhower, he said, “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”

A former supervisor and veteran used to say, “The best predictor of the future is the past.”

The past of this planet predicts global war. Russia and China have not changed their national character. Neither has Islam. Can our military handle ALL the enemies we face? Can our economy stand the strain? The costs mentioned in the first Gatestone article quoted are only the costs of creating and maintaining a missile defense. What about the costs of fighting one major war? The costs of fighting two major wars at the same time?

To all our Troops and Veterans, thank You for your Service!

Remember Everyone Deployed, and get your RED on.  Have a blessed and safe Friday all.

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