Saturday in the Park… praises, joy and yay! Weekend!

Dang it feels so good to be back online, but you know what else feels good that I haven’t been able to do in about 4 years?  Get dirt under my finger nails!

I’ve never been one to have nice finger nails- not that I haven’t tried, but all the years of working in food/restaurants, painting, doing other things like gardening and pulling weeds, and no,  I don’t like gloves. But I finally got some good ol’ nature under my nails this week when  I spent a little time pulling weeds out of the little flower bed in front of the house 🙂 YAY!

As I was driving home from work yesterday, the afternoon DJ was reading a scripture verse, and talking about the wonderfulness of our God, and how He displays Himself not only in our universe but our lives.  I couldn’t help but say a big amen to that, but then tears and praise came bubbling up.  I don’t like to cry when I’m driving on a highway, so thankfully the tears were kept to a minimum as I thanked God for so much.

Like David in his psalms, I can’t help but praise Him for things He has done in my life, and in ways that American boy and I so desperately needed after having so much upheaval in our lives.

I thought back, and have often of the few months we’d been living at the apartment and I was thinking about trying to find a church to check out. Months turned into more months, and then all of a sudden (some of you may remember this) American Boy got a really bad eye infection.  I thought it was pink eye at first, but wasn’t sure.  I ended up having to take him to the ER because he was in pain too, and being the day between Thanksgiving and the weekend, I couldn’t find a doctor to take him to.

Long story short, it was a couple of months going back and forth (for the first month or so, 3 times a week) to get drops and check ups for his eye, which turned out to be iritis which the eye doc said was a very painful infection, and that the boy had it deep.  Thank God He led me to an excellent eye doctor who is a Christian,  active in charity and also offered a sliding scale pay for each visit and was so good with the boy.  I never could have afforded it otherwise.

One of the biggest blessings out of those trips back and forth though, was finding our church because we passed by it so often on our way to town and back.

Our church isn’t perfect, because it’s made up of humans… but I have to say that out of every church I’ve been to, and I’ve been to some good ones, this one is special- they actually walk the talk and are a family who loves, gives, helps, encourages and shares the Lord.  But God led us to this family, of that I have no doubt. He knew we needed a place of rest, a place of help and encouragement, and a place where American boy would have some good role models and mentors.  A place where I could find acceptance and hugs.  And we have found that and more.  We’ve found a place where we can see Christ in action, and learn how to be more like Him.

It’s amazing to think that almost everything I have now, is because we were led to that church.  Even my ability to ‘celebrate’ my birthday with smiles again, since the past 2 years the boy has taken me out for dinner and had friends from church join us.  It’s been hard getting older, but more so older ‘alone’ since Michael’s and my anniversary was also on my birthday. They and y’all have helped me get through those days even when none of you realize it.

My job, much needed income- friends, brothers and sisters of all ages, a place to stay for our ‘homeless month’ and a couch and new oven for this house on top of it all.  All came out of this church family.

Speaking of this house, do you all realize that without y’all, I wouldn’t have even tried to get a place?  Being so caring, sharing and generous, with sending me gifts, and just encouraging me and praying has helped us find ‘home’.  God knew what I have missed so much and has provided not the duplicate, but provided a new start in a small town which I’ve always liked, a home that’s not just a house, but with character and charm, and simple things like a yard which some day will include a small veggie garden, but also has things I had back at the swamp too.  And, a green space across the road, with visiting deer, amazing sunsets and a growing desire to maybe find some time to pick up my pallet and paints again…

God orchestrated so much when He provided after Michael died.  Finding a place and moving to where we did when we had to leave the swamp, even ways to have to stretch myself and learn to do things I never needed or had to do before.  He blessed us in finding our church to grow and find strength when I had none, love and hugs when I needed and over the years, friendships developed on here and online who have helped and still helps get me through this wild ride.

I will never be able to thank God enough for all He has done every day of my life, but I know He has His hand in it. And I know from His Word that He makes all things good out of anything the enemy means for evil, but also He loves us and is our ever present help and refuge.  I am  constantly amazed at His ways (at least the bits I know about), but it will blow my mind when some day we will know the whole story of how often and in so many ways that He works things in our lives, whether they are the good times or trials, or hurts or heart breaks.
So, that’s my praise and my heart this Saturday mornin’.  I hope everyone has a blessed and amazing day! Hope folks drop by and maybe share ways that God has worked in your life.  Whatever you’re doing today, I hope folks just come by and hang out once in a while. It’s an open porch 🙂

I will be around later this afternoon- we’ve got a yard sale at church today trying to raise some money to send some folks on a mission trip next year, then chores beckon lol.

Have a wonderful day all!

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