RED Friday

Last week I couldn’t seem to find words for RED Friday. It’s not that I’ve run out of thank you’s to all of our Troops and Veterans, but sometimes it is hard to come up with something or some way new every week to give them encouragement, acknowledgement and Thanks.

We’re not going to end RED Fridays by any means, but we are going to change things up for the time being and have a RED Thread and Blue LEO thread once a month, alternating each month. However Friday’s no matter what the topic, we’ll still be Remembering Everyone Deployed, and depending on news we’ll try and get a mini story up to go along with our remembrance. We encourage folks still to give a shout out in the comments as well and post whatever songs, memes or prayers for our troops & Veterans no matter the day’s topic.

We love our military here, and I don’t ever want to stop reminding them of that. I never want them to forget there are folks here who appreciate their service with grateful hearts, and will always keep them in our prayers!

God Bless all our troops and Veterans. Have a safe Friday and every day!

oh, and get your RED on if you haven’t already!

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