Be Strong and Courageous

by Heather

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

In God’s directive to Joshua to be strong and courageous as he continued to follow Moses’ instructions to lead the people to the promised land. What does that mean? God was instructing Joshua to put all his trust in him and to continue where Moses had left off and lead His people to the promised land.

When I read the words ‘Be Strong and Courageous’ I automatically think of those who serve in our military and law enforcement, those who are out there serving and protecting us, and also our firefighters and emergency personnel who are also put in situations where their lives are at risk. They are truly very strong and courageous. Also, when reading these words I believe God wants us to apply it to our daily walk with Him.

Putting all our trust in God can be so hard at times. All of us have our hills and valleys and some days those valleys seem like the deepest pits. Sometimes it is hard for us to immediately remember that God is right there with us. We cry out, ‘oh God, why?’ instead of, ‘God I release this all to you. I put my whole trust in You’.

It took me many years to realize that the pits I had been in, God was training me so I could be used in the future by Him to help someone else who was in the same pits.

God wants us to love one another, show our love for one another. We are all different, yet we have the same thing in common. We are all God’s creation. God wants us to help each other through rough and sometimes very difficult times and we receive our training every time we face a trial in our lives. Our skills are sharpened so we can help whoever God leads us to in the future, that is going through the same trials, whether they be stressful times or even painful times.

As we heal, guaranteed, sometime in the future, God will lead us to someone who is facing the same trials. The strength and courage that get you through your trials will enable you to help others, in some way, get through their’s.

There have been times that God has led me to people who were going through things that I have never experienced and I would ask him, ‘LORD, what can I do to help them?’ He answered me by sending me to someone who had gone through the same experience and I could ask them, what could I do besides pray for the one in need. Sometimes it was just sit with that person so they don’t feel alone. Listen to them, let them squeeze my hand, as they try to hold back tears.

We are here to help each other. We become stronger as we pray for each other and as we listen to God as we read his word every day. Especially when we are going through trying times.

No matter how big of a trial we are facing, no matter how bad we are hurting, someone else is hurting more then we are at that moment and if we pray for those people, whether we know them or not, it helps build our courage and strength to get through whatever we are experiencing at the moment. Thinking of others during our most trying times, helps bring peace in our lives. If we have lost someone, pray for all who have experienced the same loss.  If we are having health issues, pray for everyone who are experiencing health issues, financial problems, etc.

Never hesitate to ask others to pray for you. You never have to go into details, just a request that people lift you up in prayer. Knowing that someone is thinking of you during their prayer time, is uplifting and it is also uplifting to the one praying for you that you thought of them in your time of need.

This past year I have seen amazing strength shown by people going through tough times and the more they relied on God, the more God’s light shined through them.

Last September we lost a member of our church, Martha. I spoke about her before. She was a mighty prayer warrior. She prayed constantly for everyone. She was 95 and had fought cancer for at least four years. Two years prior to her death, she lost her youngest child who had some problems due to a work injury years before. Two weeks prior to Martha going to be with the Lord, she led a friend (a handyman who had come to check up on her) to the Lord.

Our church’s most recent loss, Daryl, shared the Lord right up to the end, while he lay in the hospital. His request was when people came to visit, that they sing songs about the Lord with him and that was done right up to the end. Both of these people and others I have not listed, have displayed tremendous strength and courage during very trying times. They have been such an inspiration to all of us.

Are there any life situations that you would like to share that God helped you through or your friends and family through or even inspirational stories you have read, that might help others experiencing the same? Also, if there are any bible verses and songs that have helped you through difficult times, please post those also.

I wish you all a very blessed and peaceful day.

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