Saturday Porch Time

One of the things I like about my commute to work being long (other than gas and wear on the beast, I enjoy the drive a lot) is how many more songs I can listen to, sing to and enjoy on my way to work and home.  Back at the apartment, my commute was only about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. OK once it took me over an hour when they diverted interstate traffic due to an accident, but most days it was short and straight in, and got to maybe hear 3 songs in between the morning crew chat or the afternoon DJ interviews.

Yes I love music. All kinds of music as if folks couldn’t have guessed. And I know y’all like music as much as I do.  So does Daisy. She always finds really good stuff too! Stuff I’ve not heard yet often times, but she has a knack for finding good songs to go with our daily posts here too.   Last week we were trying to come up with some ideas for something different, and  thought, how about a song guessing game using a few lines in the lyrics?

And with a twist- seeing as we love modern Christian songs so much, some of us might miss old hymn favorites, so let’s do this and get us back to the ‘classics’ 🙂

We’ll make it simple this week- and pick songs most of us have probably heard at one time or another.  We’ll give a line of the song, and when you guess it, post the song in the comments.  I’ll get you started on a sample,

lyrics include,

Thou art giving and forgiving, Ever blessing ever blest….

The song is….

YAY! See how easy that is?  Mind you, try to think of the song before looking it up lol. Lets not make it so easy.

It’s an open thread whether you join in the songs or not. Whatever y’all are doing today, I hope everyone has a blessed day and come hang out on the porch every now and again to say hi and share whatever’s on your mind.

Now for this week’s guess the song lyrics:

1 Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide; strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

2 Lord now indeed I find Thy power, and Thine alone, Can change the leper’s spots and melt the heart of stone.

3. Well might the sun in darkness hide, and shut His glories in, When Christ the mighty Maker died For man, the creature’s sin…

4. the Lord of peace, Whose power a scepter sways From pole to pole, that all wars may cease, And all be prayer and praise…

5. And tho this world with devils filled, should threaten to undo us, We will not fear for God has willed His truth to triumph through us…

6. There let the way appear, steps unto heaven; all that thou sendest me, in Mercy given, Angels to beckon me…

7. In all the world around me, I see His loving care, and though my heart grows weary, I never will despair. I know that He is leading, through all the stormy blast. The day of His appearing will come at last.

8. Thro’ this world of toil and snares, if I falter Lord, who cares? Who with me my burden shares?

9. Let us labor for the Master from the dawn til setting sun, let us talk of all His wondrous love and care; Then when all of life is over, and our work on earth is done…

10. All my heart to Him I give, ever to Him I’ll cling, in His blessed presence live, ever His praises sing…

OK have fun and I hope all have a blessed day!!

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