Tuesday Tunes

It’s an invasion!  No, I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about bands from around the world who’ve had an impact on America and rock.

Being that I grew up in Canada, I grew up with bands such as April Wine, Rush, Triumph and the Guess Who. There have been a lot of popular Canadian bands over the decades, and people haven’t always realized they were Canadian…

Canada isn’t the only country to export cool music or bands though.  How many folks remember these guys from Germany with this anthem of peace and Wind of Change?

Oh what about Aussies?? Yep, I will wait for someone to post the Military version of Thunderstruck lol.  But there’s also INSX, and this blast from my past…

There are also a lot of bands from other European countries that have made a splash over here- Of course ABBA hailed from Sweden,  Golden Earring with their hits, Radar Love and Twilight Zone were from the Netherlands, and Norway gave us a bit of pop coolness with A Ha’s Take on Me.

Annnnd, that brings us to the inevitable British Invasion.  Yes, most folks would expect to hear a ton of Beatles hits by now, or maybe some Zepplin, Stones or the Who. Britain gave us a ton of awesome music from the early Rock era all the way through the end of the 90s.

They gave us Freddie Mercury and Queen,  band before their time- Genesis, (both Gabriel and Collins!), Same could be said for the Moody Blues and one of my all time favs, David Bowie. Then there’s the sultry vocals of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, oooh, and the amazing talented…

Too many to count. But it’s Tuesday, and y’all can post your favorite invaders here and now. Hit it!

Have a great evenin’ all!

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