Our porch’s theme song is our theme for a reason. It’s an invitation for people to join us at a table of grace; a table of love.  It’s a powerful reminder for all of us that as we once were enemies to our Creator, He has enough love for the world that anyone can change once they meet Him just as they are.   He wants us to meet Him and come even while we are in the pit of sin, hurt and loneliness because He is the God that Saves.

Today’s spotlight is a little different, where the featured artist was where many of us once were…

Stephen McWhirter has a pretty intense and harsh testimony worth listening to.

Now, he is a touring worship leader, songwriter, recording artist, speaker, and a singer/songwriter for Iron Bell Music, out of Louisville, Kentucky, and part of Iron Bell Ministries.

Daisy ‘introduced’ me to Stephen’s music, and also his blog. I haven’t had a chance to read much yet, since she just shared it with me yesterday, but I’m definitely going to check it out more when I have a chance, as this one was really good.

There’s not a whole lot of his music out there, but there are enough that folks here can go search and find some new favorites for themselves.  When you do, share them here 🙂

Oh, and for a bonus feature.  In his testimony, Stephen mentioned the Case for Christ book by Lee Strobal. I’ve read that a long time ago, and it is an incredible tool for Christians to share, but a compelling book for unbelievers to learn just how much evidence for Jesus there is.

We’ve shared this here before, but it’s worth watching and listening to again, especially if you’ve never heard him.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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