Golden Nuggets With Ravi

A few weeks ago in comments, HotT had mentioned Ravi Zacharias was going to be on the Ben Shapiro show, and when a few of us had watched it, it was also posted in comments.  I thought it’d be a good idea to post it again just in case folks missed it. But even if you’ve heard it already, it is so worth listening again.

One of the many things I’ve long admired about Ravi is his love of truth, but also his love for people whether they agree or believe in Christ or not. He is such a respectful and level headed orator, and it’s rare if ever that I’ve seen him get upset or ruffled by someone’s questions or accusations against Christianity or God.

He has a way of engaging people who are enemies of God, and has gained respect from people of all backgrounds and faiths from around the world, because of his love and truthfulness.  It’s very hard to get the right balance between truth and love, and each is equally important when it comes to giving the gospel message or dealing with people’s unbelief.

Anyway, have another listen to this, because they touch on a lot of subjects, a few of which have been on my heart and mind for quite a while.  Hopefully this major writer’s block will find itself blasted and I can get back to writing and sharing a few things, but until then, Ravi gives some great golden nuggets in this interview…

Here’s a bonus too, and also so very well worth listening to and very encouraging for Christians. But it can also be a thoughtful lesson to Christians in the west who either don’t pay a whole lot of attention to Christianity around the world, and the very real persecution that comes to many, or don’t consider Christianity except for church on Sundays and following the “golden rule”.

He’s being interviewed here by Louie Giglio (From Star Breather to Laminin) This is from a couple of months ago, so all the information he shares here is up to date.  I hope folks will have a chance to listen to both of these. Neither are too long, about 45 minutes for each.  But both are important and we can gain a lot by listening…

Share your thoughts on what stood out for you in these interviews!

I hope folks have a blessed day!

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