Wide Open Porch

I always enjoy a good challenge, especially when I am ready for bed only to remember I have absolutely nothing written or in the draft for the next day lol.

Seeing as it’s nearly 1 am and I need to get some sleep, I’m going to leave you with a wide open porch today, which is ok since it’s Saturday!  YAY!

I hope everyone is sleeping peacefully and has a blessed day later on.  No matter what you’re doing, I hope folks will drop in, have a break, put your feet up and relax- or hang out and share some stories & songs.  Maybe tell us a few things from your childhood, fun things you used to like  doing when you were a kid, or favorite pets you had.  Share some hobbies, or hidden talents that we might not know about. C’mon, I know y’all have a few of those 🙂

Have a blessed Saturday all!

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