About the only hymn I really remember knowing when I was a kid was Amazing Grace because it was one of my Nana’s favorite songs and she played it all the time on the organ. I loved hearing her play it, but I don’t think I’m the only one who loves to hear it on the bagpipes!

When I got older and moved to the US, I began checking out churches to go to, and when I found a church home, I learned so many ‘new’ old Hymns.  This one quickly grew into one of my favorites,

Along with this one,

I think however, my ‘beloved’ all time favorite has got to be

I know we all love a whole lot of today’s Christian greats, and so many of the songs have a strong message for hope, healing and praising.  But the more I look at the lyrics, and learn ‘new’ songs from the old hymn book at church, it’s so good to find myself lost in some of those classics too.

I guess today’s spotlight is on favorite old whether it’s southern gospel, traditional hymns or just songs you grew up hearing.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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